We are Zevix!

We are on a mission to make everyone's life easier in finding
the right company or the right candidate.

Our Story

We provide the opportunity for employers and candidates to control the pre-screening process by being able to state preferences, such as for employers: book of business, particularly if a company wants to expand, remote work/flexible hours, education degrees, and other criteria; for candidates, to select employers based on: mentorship/training, cultural fit committees, availability, and more.

We use patent-pending analytics that streamlines the hiring process. Using research-backed data, our team provides candidates and companies with the potential to be paired with highly targeted matches. We go beyond basic job requirements like compensation, experience, and location. We focus on values, ensuring that both sides' preferences, culture, and training are factored into the process.

Our team created it out of frustration that practicing legal professionals are experiencing, spending hours of their valuable time sorting through applications, phone screening candidates only to find misaligned wants, and getting unqualified or not long-term matches, resulting in lost time and money. We constructed Zevix™, the perfect platform for our needs. And now, we're sharing it with you.

The Vision

We believe that candidates are more than what's on their resumes and companies are more than what's on their job descriptions. At Zevix™, we strive to save you time searching for jobs and candidates while striving for a better long-term fit.

We believe technology can bring us together in new and modern ways, by making it easier for companies to search for ideal candidates and for candidates to search for dream jobs.

The Approach

And we believe we are on the cusp of a revolution that creates happier employees who stay longer and that saves time and money for companies looking to fill critical jobs.

For anyone frustrated by unqualified or disinterested candidates filling their inboxes or by not hearing back after sending in application after application to jobs you’re overqualified for, Zevix™ offers three simple steps.




Zevix offers a much simpler and less time consuming process for both employers and candidates when it comes to both applying and filling jobs."

— Sean Maloney

Zevix™ Spokesperson

The Zevix™ Mission

Aligned Values

Connect candidates and companies based on aligned values and distinctive skill sets without spending hours sifting through or editing resumes

Tailor Made

Tailor offerings and job preferences to what both sides want and need beyond basic job requirements


Provide both companies and candidates with the potential to be matched with highly-targeted talent and jobs

Save Time & Money

Save our clients time and money in their search for the most compatible candidates and jobs through a simple and streamlined process

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