Our Difference

Zevix™ is not a job hunter or a recruiter. Zevix™ provides companies and candidates with trailblazing ability to post jobs and candidacy based on customized criteria.



For Employers

For Candidates

We go much beyond resumes using our patent pending technology.

When employers and candidates understand more about each other, there is a higher likelihood of compatibility and long-term employment. Zevix is here to help!

For companies, Zevix™ provides the opportunity to showcase the position available beyond a job description! With unique features like the ability to post a video, your company can showcase the culture, team members, other benefits, and let candidates understand your company better for a better fit! This, together with powerful filtering criteria to narrow down your results without the need for manual screening, Zevix™ gives you the tools to focus on the candidates that matter.

For candidates, Zevix™ gives you the tools to screen jobs according to your work style preferences, mentorship & training opportunities, flex work or work from home, contract or full time as availability, and more! Save time by filtering jobs according to your preferences based on the Zevix filters. Want to really make your application stand out? Post a 2-minute elevator pitch of why you're the best candidate for the job!

Legal employers / candidates can filter by*:

Area of Law
Years of Experience (per area of law)
Licensing State
Law School
Book of Clients
Remote/Work Flex Position
Mentorship/Training Preferences
Position Location (State)
Education Level
Working Hours/Shift

Medical employers / candidates can filter by*:

Medical Specialty

* All of the above filters are available for Zevix-directly posted jobs.

Why Zevix™ is the New Way of Working


Companies tailor their offerings to what the candidates want, and they choose the best fit.


Candidates have a window into the job and its benefits before the interview.


One Zevix™ profile can be used by candidates for several positions by specifying customized criteria.

Define Your Needs

Companies can filter candidates by book of business, mentorship & training, remote work, and other criteria.

Company Culture

Zevix™ profile use a “culture fit program” to create “culture change”

Beyond Resumes

Zevix™ profile provides information beyond background, education, and compensation.

Explore the benefits of Zevix™ Jobs

A job platform that does a superior job in providing a selective criteria to enhance compatibility between candidates and companies without all the nonsense.