Reduce time screening candidates to fill your Medical Industry roles.

Find medical-industry candidates that have backgrounds in specific fields of medicine and other criteria that give you a three-dimensional view of who’s applying and what they want from their next job.

Get 50% off your first month

Limited time offer for new employers only. Offer expires July 31, 2022. See details.

Get 50% off your first month

Limited time offer for new employers only. Offer expires July 31, 2022. See details.

Get to the candidates that matter faster with medical-specific criteria and filters.

Zevix™’s quick and easy job board includes powerful medical-specific criteria for your roles. Utilizing our proprietary matching algorithm, we get your job posting in front of the candidates that count faster. Once you post your job, get access to potential job candidates, with the ability to further hone in on candidates with specific backgrounds using filters designed specifically for the medical industry.

Find candidates that have backgrounds in specific Fields of Medicine.

Identify the candidates that you'd like to interview faster with Zevix™'s filter for Fields of Medicine. Filter potential candidates for the specialty fields of medicine you require, and save your time from sifting through hundreds of resumes. If you specify a medical specialties in your job posting, we'll also promote your job to candidates with those backgrounds, at no additional charge!

Find & filter candidates with a MD, BA, PhD, or other degrees you require.

If you need candidates with a specific degree, you can find that on Zevix™! Filter potential candidates with a MD, BA, Associates, or other degree. Specifying this criteria in your job post will help promote your job to candidates that meet your requirements!

Find candidates who will bring a Book of Business.

Are you looking to expand your business with new clients? Some candidates have a portfolio of clients who will follow them to a new company. On Zevix™, you can filter specifically for these types of candidates who can help your business grow.

Get access to potential candidates as soon as you post your job.

With Zevix, as soon as you post your job, you can view and contact unlimited potential candidates, if available, to fill your position. Zevix's search algorithm allows you to reduce the amount of time screening candidates. Stay up to date with daily notifications of new potential candidates. Prefer to wait for candidates to apply? No problem! You can do that too.

Supercharge your hiring with Zevix™'s powerful profile and filters.

Reduce time spent screening profiles through Zevix'™s powerful technology that funnels potential candidates directly to you based on the work style preferences and the background experience you require.

Filter candidates by remote or in-person work, availability, the need for mentorship or training, and other factors that give you a three-dimensional view of who’s applying and what they want from their next job.

Promote to candidates at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

Based on the preferences that you add in your job postings, Zevix™'s algorithm will promote your job to like-minded candidates who fit similar criteria you have defined. This is a Zevix™ standard and is available at no additional cost to you beyond your monthly subscription!

Improve employer / employee job fit.

Zevix™ is striving to offer a better compatibility between companies and candidates based on shared values. When both sides get what they want, there’s a better chance for long-term employment. That may save you the time and money needed to replace disgruntled workers who are a bad fit.

Find candidates that can hit the ground running.

Whether you are looking for someone to hit the ground running or prefer someone who needs a bit more training and mentorship, you can filter potential candidates to fit your needs and clearly know up front whether a candidate needs training or not.

Find candidates who prefer in-person or remote work.

Is your office working fully remotely? If so, then you probably want to avoid candidates who prefer in-office positions, and vice versa. Filter based on your needs, and your job posting will also be promoted to like-minded candidates!

See some of the available candidates on Zevix™!

Below are just a few of the candidates available now on Zevix Jobs. Post a job with the corresponding position title to view more details on the specific candidate and to contact them now!

Faster access to medical-industry candidates that match the criteria you need.

With Zevix™, you have more information before deciding to schedule an interview.
Watch candidate introduction videos

Candidates have the option to upload a 2-minute elevator pitch introducing themselves to potential employers.

Find candidates with a book of business

Looking to expand your business? Find candidates who have a portfolio of clients willing to follow them to a new role.

Know if candidates want to work remotely

If your office is moving towards working fully in person or hybrid, then filter out candidates who prefer to work remotely, and vice versa!

Attract candidates with a company video

You have the option to upload a video to tell candidates more about your company and the role! Help the right candidates apply for your job.

Know availability and working shifts ahead of time

Whether it's night shift or a 8- or 12-hour shift to full-time, part-time, contract, temporary, hourly, internship, or other types of roles. You'll know ahead of contacting your candidates.

Understand what salary & benefits a candidate is seeking

From perks at work to medical and dental benefits, to relocation expenses, know a candidate's expectations up front, giving you the power to close the deal faster.

Find candidates by educational degree

Whether you're looking for a JD, MD, PhD, MBA, or no degree at all, filter your potential candidates by their educational achievements.

Screen for mentorship & training needs

Whether you're recruiting candidates to join a special mentorship program, or you prefer someone who can hit the ground running, filter potential candidates by their desire for mentorship/training.

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LIMITED TIME OFFER: Get 50% off your first month

For new employers only. Offer expires July 31, 2022. See details.


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