Fast Growing New Company Zevix™ Launches With Goal to Eliminate Resumes


First-of-its-kind solution uses a strategic algorithm to provide candidates and employers in the legal industry with the potential to be matched with highly targeted options

IRVINE, Calif. – June 30, 2021 – Zevix™is disrupting the way employers and candidates in the legal industry fill and search for jobs. A first-of-its-kind company, Zevix™has created a new pathway for employers, contracting companies and job seekers with a goal to solve the consistently painful problem for all involved —matching the right talent with the right job without getting buried in unnecessary, inconsistent and burdensome paperwork. Through its patent pending technology, the company is enhancing the feasibility of using resumes as a screening method by adding a custom user profile, specific to the legal industry.

In six simple steps, Zevix™ gives employers and candidates in the legal industry with the potential to be paired matches that are not only highly qualified, but truly compatible.

“Zevix™ was born out of the frustration of wasting time and money seeking to find the right candidates to fill legal positions, only to hire candidates out of desperation. On the flip side, candidates spend countless hours tweaking their resumes and cover letters, scouring the internet trying to find the right job, only to be overlooked due to insufficient systems,” said Sean Maloney, Product Relations Director for ZevixTM. “It’s clear that there is a disconnect between employers and candidates. They both need information that goes beyond a basic job description or resume, and that’s what Zevix™ is doing. Job seekers and hiring managers can enter specific criteria, and in turn have the potential to be paired with highly targeted matches. Time is money, and Zevix™ is disrupting the way employers and candidates in the legal industry handle job hunting and hiring.”

Zevix™ allows companies to automatically sort potential candidates based on what they need by selecting criteria that would often only be discovered in an interview. Employers and contracting companies also have access to recommendations such as a job title guide to avoid confusion and inefficiencies in job postings, as well as access to suggested position descriptions. 

Candidates have free access to Zevix™. Through six simple steps, candidates are able to apply for as many positions as desired through one form, and they also have the option to customize each submission according to their select criteria. There is never a need to spend unnecessary time messing with fonts, formatting and other resume inefficiencies. They can also include criteria in their job search like their career aspirations and preferences for mentorship/training support, culture fit programs, remote work options and parenting-related needs, among others.

Unlike other job/talent search tools or services, Zevix™ removes barriers so that employers and candidates are able to move quickly and efficiently in their search.

Candidates, employers and contracting companies can learn more and join Zevix™ now by visiting

About Zevix™

Zevix™ is a first-of-its-kind solution disrupting the way employers and candidates search for and fill jobs. Through its patent pending methodology, employers and candidates complete six simple steps and then have the potential to be matched with highly targeted options, eliminating the need for time-consuming and ineffective resumes. Using a strategic algorithm, Zevix™ goes beyond basic job requirements like compensation, experience and location to provide candidates and employers with the potential to be matched with highly compatible options. For more information on Zevix™, visit or follow along on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

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