How companies can prepare for Gen Z entering into the workforce

While economists are busy making bold predictions about the permanency of the hybrid workforce in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic, some raw data is coming in that puts those assumptions’ validity to the test. As it turns out, Gen X, the oldest generation still fully ensconced in the labor market, is fairly comfortable working from home. After all, they grew up alone as in the latchkey generation, where television substituted for two working parents. The same, however can’t be said for the youngest entrants into workforce, Gen Z.


More than half say they feel less productive working from home, with boredom, lack of sleep and short attention spans as the main reasons. In addition to the habit of jumping from task to task, Gen Zers say what drives them to work harder is feeling inspired. Where Millennials wanted to get rich working at a startup and retire in their 30s, Gen Z wants to change the world for the better.

Surveys show that companies that engage positively in progressive social issues are seen as more appealing. And with 70% of Gen Z workers saying they’ve personally experienced some form of discrimination or harassment in the workplace, the treatment of employees and company culture becomes increasingly important. So, for them, finding the right company fit straight out of college is incredibly important. As a result, less established companies are struggling with ways to attract and retain Gen Z talent.

Management experts say companies should start with creating workplace mentorships, where managers become coaches, and each new hire is treated with personal respect and dignity. Since it’s all about the journey for this generation, show them the future – inspire them and engage with them constantly. Further, ensure that there’s a good match between the company and the new hire early on. Unfortunately, unless the graduate interned at the hiring firm, they’re going into their first job blind to its true culture.

Tech firms like Zevix are doing their part to change the hiring process by putting what’s important up front. Zevix’s revolutionary profile gives candidates the chance to annunciate their goals and inspirations clearly, and it lets hiring firms highlight their job culture and qualifications, availability, mentorships, and other preferences. Further, Zevix allows companies and candidates to select what each want in a candidate from a menu of options, and if they choose so, will ONLY receive candidates and companies with such qualifications. It’s done up front, before the interview process begins, so neither side is burdened with the hunt-and-peck approach to hiring, where they roll the dice and only learn about each other after the contract is signed. It’s changing not only the way the current generation candidates are recruited, but it’s also opening doors for more experienced candidates looking for new challenges.

Remember, Gen Zers will happily and easily change course, leaving their job behind after just weeks if an alternate path being is more rewarding. Zevix and the Zevix profile mitigates that risk by trying to give everyone the same understanding of expectations, challenges and culture. When you understand what new hires want, where they want to be, and what values they cherish, the most rewarding path is the one you place before them.


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